Sunday, May 23, 2010

1917 Farm School Groups

When school groups visit the 1917 farm, they learn how families lived in our area during World War I. Once they get off the bus, they are divided into 6-8 groups. Each group goes with a different docent to visit a part of the farm. During their time at the farm, the children rotate through each station.

One group goes first to visit the summer kitchen...

IMG_5261.jpg picture by nali49

where they learn about how laundry was done in 1917.

IMG_5256.jpg picture by nali49

Next they go to the back porch of the farmhouse where they get to help churn butter.

IMG_5258.jpg picture by nali49

The next stop is the farmhouse kitchen where they learn about cooking in the old days on a wood stove. They even get a cookie to eat there which was baked in the wood stove oven.

IMG_5252.jpg picture by nali49

From the kitchen they go to visit in the parlor...

IMG_5260.jpg picture by nali49

and see the parents' bedroom.

IMG_5255.jpg picture by nali49

IMG_5254.jpg picture by nali49

Then they head out the front door to go visit the barn, where they have a chance to help milk a cow.

IMG_5248.jpg picture by nali49

On the way out of the barn, there are some other animals they can visit and learn about.

IMG_5249.jpg picture by nali49

IMG_5251.jpg picture by nali49

Next they are off to visit the farm shop where they learn about repairing farm equipment, leatherwork and blacksmithing.

IMG_5246.jpg picture by nali49

After the work, it is time for some fun and games. These children are playing a rousing game of Run Sheep, Run.

IMG_5243.jpg picture by nali49

IMG_5244.jpg picture by nali49

The last stop for this group is the farm outbuildings....the chicken coop,

IMG_5239.jpg picture by nali49

the root cellar...

IMG_5240.jpg picture by nali49

the outhouse....

IMG_5241.jpg picture by nali49

and the smokehouse.

IMG_5242.jpg picture by nali49

It's always a fun day at the farm.

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