Sunday, May 2, 2010

As the Ward Turns

When we left for West Virginia, we were told we'd probably come back to find a 3rd stake in our town. To our surprise, when we came back home, it hadn't happened although a new stake center had been built. Now that we've been home 18 months, suddenly the day came. Of course, this necessitates many changes. All members of the other stake and some invited from our stake met this morning and the new stake was formed. This afternoon, the remaining members of our stake met as almost all the ward boundaries in our town were changed. In addition, a new ward was organized. Our stake now contains 7 regular wards, a YSA ward, and a Spanish speaking branch. For the most part, our old ward...the 12th...kept the same boundaries, except for losing 20 families on the east side of the ward and probably that many to the new ward that was formed. We are part of that east side so now belong to the 19th ward. I guess that means we'll have lots of new friends to make as we really only know the ones on the other side of our street.

I have noticed in the past when wards divide, it seems like we always end up with my least favorite schedule...1-4PM. This time we came out smelling like a rose with the 11-2 schedule. Also...our old ward has to go to the building on the west side of the highway now, but we get to keep going to the building near our house. Happy Day!

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