Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pioneer School Groups

In September, October, April and May we host many school groups at the living history museum where we work. It is always interesting to interact with the children and hopefully teach the a little about the history of the place where they live. School groups can choose to visit 4 different programs. In the early spring, we mostly see younger children to learn about the baby animals. The rest of the time, students can visit Shoshone Indians and mountain men in the year 1820, pioneer settlers in 1860 and a rural farm in 1917.

Today I was at the 1860 site. Activities for students include:

Playing pioneer games, such as Graces...

graces.jpg picture by nali49

and rolling iron hoops with sticks at the game station.

hoopandstick.jpg picture by nali49

Visiting pioneer homes such as a homestead cabin...

homesteadcabin.jpg picture by nali49

and a half dugout.

halfdugout.jpg picture by nali49

Learning about processing wool....

woolschoolgroup.jpg picture by nali49

Learning about cooking and food in the outdoor kitchen...

pioneerkitchen.jpg picture by nali49

with its beautiful view of the mountains...

oldwagonbywellsvilles.jpg picture by nali49

and about cooking over an open fire.

firepit.jpg picture by nali49

The children have the opportunity to attend a small session at our outdoor pioneer school.

pioneerschool.jpg picture by nali49

In addition students have a chance to try pulling handcarts and visit an old-fashioned woodwright shop.

Generally it seems like they enjoy their experience. We try to do a lot of hands on activities.

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