Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Maybe NOT a badger....

Back out at the 'farm' today I checked to see if perhaps my friendly critter was showing himself. The hole is in a fairly isolated area near a little hillside above a nature trail. Nearby is a stack of wood covering a hole left from a fallen in dugout.

woodchuckhole.jpg picture by nali49

To my surprise, not only was he there, he had a buddy! After looking at him carefully though, I do have to re-evaluate my idea that he is a badger. I only had a small glimpse of him the other day from quite a distance away. Today I was able to get closer and get an actual picture of him rather than guess from a picture on the internet. Here he is!

woodchuck.jpg picture by nali49

What do you think? Rock chuck? Wood chuck? I'd really like to know because I saw another similar fellow running down a sidewalk near our house yesterday. It is hard to see his tail in this picture, but it is quite long and fluffy with a rather rusty color to it.

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